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Alexis & Logan / The Great MN Get Together

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Alexis & Logan LOVE the Minnesota State Fair, and can you blame them?! I was so stoked when Alexis reached out to me about pictures at the fair last year. We met up a little before sunset and stopped at some of their favorite places! Aaaand we of course had to get some Pronto Pups & Sweet Martha Cookies :) (This was after I already shoved my face with cream cheese pickles, gyros, and misc. goodies)

Photographing people in their "element", enjoying what they love, is the absolute best! You capture the real, authentic smiles & laughter-and what's better than that? Some couples like incorporating meaningful locations into their photo sessions, like the drive-in, a coffee shop where they had their first date, or a park where they had their proposal picnic! Shooting engagement or anniversary photos at these significant locations make them even more special. I highly recommend choosing a spot for photos that is important to you as a couple, and of course if you're having trouble picking a place I have suggestions too! Bringing props is also a fabulous option. My husband and I brought a football to toss around during our engagement session because we both love the sport! Whatever you choose to do, just be yourselves and have FUN with it! :)

Here are some of my favorite photos from this incredibly adorable State Fair shoot!

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