Let's talk outfits!

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Let’s talk outfits! One of the most common questions I get before a photo session is “What should we wear?!” While I may not have the exact clothing picked out for you, I have recommendations and tips to make the selection process a bit easier:

#1. Natural/Earthy colors > Bright/Florescent colors. Why? Florescent colors tend to reflect back on your face and take away from the photos! Lighter, cooler clothing tends to look “cleaner” and doesn’t distract the eyes away from the people in the photos.

#2. Patterns-yay or nay? Yay! Just stick to simple patterns so it doesn’t look too “busy.” If your significant other or another family member is already wearing something patterned, try to compliment them instead! For example: If someone is wearing a flannel shirt, you could wear a solid colored shirt with a scarf/jacket/vest that accents one of the colors in the flannel! #3. Think location. If your photo session is taking place in a place with a lot of greenery, you probably want to avoid greens. However, you’ll still want to keep it “earthy” by wearing cream, brown, navy, grey, etc.! #4. Keep it comfortable! There’s nothing worse than having pants too tight, or hating photos later because you wore an outfit that wasn’t really “you.” If you’re stuck between a few options, don’t worry! We typically have time for an outfit change if desired. #5. This one is for the ladies! It doesn’t pertain to clothing, but rather common distractions in photos. Make sure your wrists are clean of any pony tail binders and only have jewelry/items on them that you are okay with having in the pictures. Try to keep your hair out of your face is possible. Tuck away those loose strands to avoid unnecessary shadows on your face! Finally, having your fingernails nice and uniform is one less distraction. If you don’t feel like painting your ails a neutral color, just make sure they are clean of any old polish!

As always, don’t hesitate to ask me questions! You can always email me a few options you’re stuck between and I can give you my opinion 😊

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